Building Information Modeling - BIM is a great step in design, installation and maintenance over 40 years in construction industry...

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Building Information Modeling - Top Benefits.


Building Information Modeling - Top Benefits.Building Information Modeling - BIM is a great step in design, installation and maintenance over 40 years in construction industry. BIM gives us a deep view of a project in 3D, 4D (3D + Time), 5D (4D + Cost) environments before it is built. Moreover, BIM creates a collaborative and interactive environment among parts of a project in design environment, helps the decision-making process is given quickly, saves time and cuts cost.

BIM Solutions Viet Nam provides a wide range of BIM services for the whole cycle of a project lifetime, including:

- BIM for the first concept of projects.

- BIM for design.

- BIM for installation.

- BIM for operation and maintenance.


BIM Solutions Viet Nam with many combined years of BIM experience providing for retail, homebuilders, architects, MEP contractors, designers… and applying the latest tool of BIM. We are confident to make our clients satisfied from the quality, time to cost of our services. Our BIM&CAD experts and project managers work with architects, engineers to optimize the design, installation… and deliver projects on time and in budget. With many choices of BIM services that we provide, we can help our customers making decision quicker, more confident and more accurate.

Top benefits of BIM:

- Reduction in build costs and time.
- Reduction in costs over the lifetime of the building.
- Reduction in conflicts and re-work during construction.
- Increase in the overall project quality.
- Reduction in risk, better predictability of outcomes.
- Better performing completed infrastructure.
- Improvement in review and approval cycles

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