The Vision and Roadmap of Building Information Modeling BIM application in Viet Nam

Over many years applied in many countries, BIM – Building Information Modeling has been considered as an effective tool in management and information sharing among

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The Vision and Roadmap of Building Information Modeling BIM application in Viet Nam


BIM - Overview.

Over many years applied in many countries, BIM – Building Information Modeling has been considered as an effective tool in management and information sharing among investors, architects, consulting engineers, suppliers and contractors. Using BIM to manage and share information of project help enhance the collaboration and coordination among members of project, help give optimal solutions to support design and installation to fit the requirements of investor right in the design phase. The deployment of BIM together with new contracts help erase boundaries those prevent the positive cooperation from parties including investors, designers, contractors, sub-contractors in work.

According to the experience of development countries which have applied BIM successfully over the years, to apply BIM in a country quickly and efficiently, then standards and a roadmap of using BIM must be issued soon, before BIM is widely deployed spontaneously in construction industry. A strategy and clear roadmap with appropriately supportive measures launched from Construction Management Agencies are key factors to ensure the success of BIM application in a country.

The vision and roadmap of BIM in Viet Nam 2015 - 2020.

In strategy of research on making a roadmap of building information modeling - BIM application for Vietnam Construction Industry from 2015 to 2020. We need to form a network including state authorities, investors, consulting designers, project management consultants, BIM solution providers, contractors to research and develop standards aiding to minimize the difficulties of installation and operation of project. So applying BIM in Vietnam is necessary to improve the efficiency of design, construction, and project management.

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