2d & AUTOCAD services: Drawings,drafting & Visualization

BIM Solutions offers wide range of 2D drawing and AUTOCAD services for various industries. Contact us for detail enquiry !

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AutoCAD services

Nowadays, various industries like automotive, architecture, medical, electrical, engineering, construction, aviation and shipbuilding use  Auto CAD services  for more efficient performance instead of traditional paper drawings. là rất cao.

Our team of  AutoCAD  with many years of experience  converting blue prints, architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, topographical maps and other similar images on papers into digitized format. BIM Solutions Viet Nam offers you  AutoCAD draftingAutoCAD 2D & 3D conversion  and  CAD modeling services.

Besides that, We also provide professional AutoCAD services for both 'Development Applications (CC)' and 'Construction Certificates' (CC)' to our clients including:  All council documentation including lodgement of plans / applications, ' Basix' certificates and  Liaison / Negotiation / Follow up with council as part of the 'DA / CC' process.

Some of the main advantages of using  CAD conversion services  are given here:

  • Nó dễ dàng và nhanh để sử dụng  CAD files .
  • As  CAD drawings  can be edited Easily and it avoids the redrawing, clients can save a lot of time.
  • CAD drawings  provide accurate information that can be used as virtual products. We can test them in order to get an overall view of the final product.
  • As we can  easily share  CAD drawings via email, several people can view and work on the same project.
  • CAD  conversion also ensures safety and security of information and data, as  CAD files  do not subject to any physical damage as paper drawings.
  • CAD  conversion decreases operational costs.
  • CAD  conversion increases efficiency by saving time and money.