BIM is encouraged to apply in construction industry by The Government

The Government encourages and creates conditions for relevant parties to apply BIM, implement solutions to improve productivity, quality and save...

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BIM is encouraged to apply in construction industry by The Government


The Government encourages and creates conditions for relevant parties to apply BIM, implement solutions to improve productivity, quality and save resources, activities of operation and management in construction.

The Prime Minister has just approved the Application of BIM Project in Construction and Operation Management.

The application of BIM aims to achieve at least 30% of saving on conversion cost from relevant parties in applying BIM, enhancing transparency and convenience in operation management and quality control of construction activities. In it, saving construction cost about 10% (in which, reducing the waste of construction materials about 20%); cutting construction time by 10% compared to the approved schedule; Reducing time of design and adjustment by 10%; Reducing the revised requirements due to the inappropriateness of design about 40%.

The scheme aims to build a legal corridor and create a consensus in society towards wider application of BIM.

According to the plan, from 2017 to 2019, The Sheme prepares the necessary conditions and skill training for the application of BIM including: raising awareness and encouraging agencies, organizations and enterprises to apply BIM; Building a legal corridor to implement BIM, systematizing technical regulations, standards, technical and economic norms; developing the guidelines of BIM; Developing a framework program for BIM training and implementing training for agencies, organizations and enterprises to perform applying BIM.

From 2018 to 2020, BIM will be applied in designing, executing and managing projects for at least 20 new construction projects in different grades from grade I or above, which use goverment capital or other capital sources (on a voluntary basis); applying BIM in the operation management during the process of using for at least 10 important projects with complicated technical requirements and invested by the state capital.


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