Vietnam can catch up with BIM world level by continuously keeping ahead of application of advanced technologies because of...

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The application of BIM technology in Vietnam.


The application of BIM technology in Vietnam.The application of Building Information Modeling - BIM in the world.

Many countries in the world have approached and applied BIM - Building Information Modeling on actual projects as well as researched and developed relevant standards and this promises to make a great change of technology in the construction industry in the near future. In particular, Britain has adopted the application of BIM for projects with a total investment over 5 million euros. In the US, BIM is developed quite early and in 2008, this country has asked to apply BIM for construction projects of the government. Nordic countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark are also home to the BIM application softwares. In which, Finland is at the forefront in the development of BIM standards for infrastructure projects (InfraBIM).
Singapore has created a roadmap of BIM application from 01.07.2013, all projects with an area over 20,000 m2 have to submit BIM models for the State management agencies; from the date of 01.04.2014, the issue above will be applied to the technical projects (civil, industrial, infrastructure); and on 07.01.2015 all construction projects in general covering a floor area more than 5,000m2 have to submit BIM models for the State management agencies. This is BIM in the world. How about in Vietnam? Let’s listen to some BIM experts.

Building Information Modeling - BIM in Vietnam according to experts.

"Vietnam with experts of BIM will gives me more hope about a sustainable future, the position of BIM will be achieved in the construction industry. I believe that BIM solution will be chosen by Vietnamese contractors in the future, "Mr. Vincent Chia, director of business development Tekla Asia - Pacific shared”.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Tong, Director of VTCO Investment Co., Ltd shares. "We found that BIM is a trend and a key to enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises on a par with the world. Therefore, businesses have invested in infrastructure, human and financial resources to be ready for meeting the needs of social necessity ". However, the application of BIM is still facing many difficulties due to no specific legal framework. A positive sign for enterprises is the new Construction Act taking effect on 01.01.2015 mentioned the application of "building information model" (BIM) in the construction management. HCMC Department of Transport constantly publishes guidelines and encourages the pilot application of BIM on actual projects.
As a developing country, the demand and number of construction projects are great, so Vietnam has many advantages of application of BIM in practical immediately. If there are clear mechanisms and the determination of leaders by quickly completing the legal framework, regulations, standards and norms of cost, even translating and referring from available BIM standards of countries those have applied BIM successfully as Finland, Singapore, UK ... In addition, leaders should provide clear policy to support enterprises about software, copyright, training (for example in Singapore, The State institutions conduct training and instructing for all construction units before applying the mandatory provisions). The application of BIM technology in stages from project planning, design, supervision, construction, operation, maintenance and management of the project life cycle of water is feasible, and will bring many benefits.

Conclusion: Vietnam can catch up with BIM world level by continuously keeping ahead of application of advanced technologies because of the qualification, accessibility and adaptability of Vietnamese engineers are not inferior to other countries in the world.


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