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BIM Solutions provides CAD, CAM, VR & Animation services with pre-construction planning, 2D documents, 3D modelling, architectural drafting and many more. Visit now!

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We offer 2 options in providing our services (see Diagram below):

In Option 1: We provide our services and receive the service fees. This option is a standard option in building services when the basic concepts are approved and entered to detailed design phase.

In Option 2: We realize there are many innovative and creative concepts developed by many professionals in building industry. However, there is still a gap from concepts to a presentable and proven format (proof of concepts) that aim at potential developers. We are willing to support those efforts to help professionals by offering Risk and Benefit Sharing option. With this option, we provide support and implement proof of concept at a low cost just to cover basic cost in the development. By this way, we can share the risk with talent professions in the initial investment phase. Once the proof-of-concept plan is approved, we can share the benefit in the fee as the beginning agreement for detailed development plan.
We are always ready for discussing about your proof of concept and looking forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with you soon.