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MEP Coordinator

As BIM Coordinator, you are required to manage not only the assigned tasks of MEP work , but also cooperation with other members to work. Our BIM Coordinator requires advanced BIM knowledge of the modeling process in addition to a high-level user knowledge of BIM authoring applications such as Revit MEP.

The ideal candidate for this position should have a Bachelor degree in one or more of the following disciplines:Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, and Project Management.  

The BIM Coordinator will work directly under the Project Team Leader.

Duties | Responsibilities:

  • Work directly under Project Team Leader.
  • Understanding of the BIM processes and technology.
  • Oversee and work alongside with the BIM Engineers.
  • Create and support others to build 3D models based on 2D drawings.
  • Create and support customized BIM templates for company and clients at the beginning of every project.
  • Perform clash detection utilizing appropriate software.
  • Support and create project progress reports and action plans.
  • Communicate with team members. 
  • Perform all aspects of the building modeling.
  • Able to deliver high quality work but also meet the given deadlines.



  • Ability to lead and manage the BIM Engineering team.
  • Need to read, understand and create technical drawings.
  • Pay attention to detail and problem.
  • Capable at creating progress reports.
  • Capable of assisting the Team Leader to create BIM Execution Plans and project action plans.
  • Excellent at Revit MEP at least.
  • The ideal candidate will have over 1 year experience as a modeler/coordinator at construction companies.

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