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BIM - Building Information Modeling

BIM can be considered as a virtual prototype – whether of a building, a bridge, a site, an infrastructure system or a city. It allows any aspect of a design’s performance to be simulated and assessed before it is built – helping us to understand the design more completely and supporting us in decision-making from the earliest conceptual stages through design, construction, installation and operation.

Our group of BIM experts have many combined years of experience on Revit, Tekla, Bentley-MicroStation... with a wide variety of projects from homebuildings, roads&bridges, officebuildings to stations, mega malls, huge retail centers, etc. We offer a wide range of BIM services according to various BIM purposes. We can create a single model from lower LOD  (Level of Development) such as LOD 100 for Clash Detection Reports to more complex models can produce Quantity Take-offs or even LOD 400 Fabrication Models to extract Shop Drawings as well as rich detail LOD 500 models for 6D Facility Management purposes.

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