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Infrastructure - BIM

Infrastructure-BIMBIM (building information modeling) now can contribute to the Infrastructure sector more than ever. It can help design the infrastructure efficiently with easy management way, provide a greater level of visibility, estimate the quantity accurately, coordinate among  stakeholders, identify and resolve potential-costing conflicts before starting actual construction and simulating the construction sequence in real time to identify the potential issues and resolve them. The way BIM are being utilized in the Infrastructure space can also take advantage of BIM to cut cost, save time and increase interoperability for multidisciplinary Infrastructure BIM projects. We provide effective BIM services for Infrastructures such as roads, highways, bridges, railway, cross country pipeline, tunnel, metro, land development work etc. Our highly experienced and skill team have experience working with software such as Autocad civil 3d, Revit, Openroads etc. Our team works as an extension to the in-house team in order to provide the highly efficient and cost-effective services on Infrastructure projects. 

Our team create the 3D intelligent model (infrastructure bim model) that represents all roads, railways, metro, zones, buildings and other utilities, open spaces and other infrastructure components of a city such that when you select any particular entity, you can immediately find out its location, underground and overhead utilities, the rail and road network that connects to, the open space or building located on either side and any such information that client needs to know.