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Point Cloud Registration

Raw data processing:

In modern surveying, Laser scanner is more and more popular and applied widely. The laser scanner is a measuring instrument mounted on a tripod...  It is used to survey existing buildings or at a new construction site. The device rotates 360 degrees around the axis, emits millions of laser beams per minute and catches their reflections. A surveyor moves the scanner through a job site and stops several times to make the measurements. These are called substations. No blind zones should be left. As a result, once the field operations are completed, the raw data – point cloud – is taken to the office for processing to generate a clean file that is import-ready for a CAD software or for a BIM model.

1,Scans Registration: The process of stitch all scans together to be a 3D pointclouds model.

2, Pointcloud Cleaning:  People, cars, atmospheric fallout, trees, reflections, dust, bad lighting conditions, other factors cause the background noise that always appears in point cloud scans so to make the file lighter and cleaner and look better, our team will remove it from the 3D pointclouds model.

As the result, you get a 3D Pointclouds file as RCP,RCS format that is import-ready for a CAD software or for a BIM model such as Autocad, Revit, Microstation....

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