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With our best steel detailing, get unique attractive 3D structural steel model, embed and miscellaneous steel elements.

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Steel Modeling & Detailing

One of our core skills and main activities is providing Steel Detailing services for Builders, Contractors, Fabricators, Engineers, Architects and the construction industry.

Our group of engineers with many combined years of experience are familiar with regulations and guidelines from all aspects of construction, together with using Tekla Structures, all steel structures and details can easily be modeled, and automatic clash checking ensures that costly conflicts are exposed in the model – not on the shop floor or on site.

The detailing models are typically completed in four phases:

Phase 1: Receive data from clients and make an Excavation Plan for the project.

Steel Modeling & Detailing

In the construction industry, there have been many great breakthroughs in design technology as well as management of the entire production process, which reduces the risk to implement a project.

With the clients who have yet to apply BIM, we will receive the input as basic drawings. That will cause a longer process of 3D model; therefore making the price higher.

With whom apply BIM broadly in the design process, we can maximize the use of their 3D models which built in calculation softwares such as Sap2000, Staad Pro, Robot Structure Analysis…this will shorten the process of shop drawings as well as enhance the seamless between design and detailing.


Phase 2: Identify the project requirements and build up a basic model

Steel modeling and detailingAfter receiving the input of the project from customers, we start to build up a 3D basic model with all main structural steel framing members such as columns, beams and trusses according to the specific requirements of each project. At this phase, we can provide some preliminary information about the quantity, material and labor estimates. We can also produce preliminary erection drawings so designers can be able to check again the accuracy of detail implementation that were done by detailers.


Phase 3: Mark connections and finish 3D Model stage.

Steel detailing and modeling

In this phase, we will assign connections for 3D model systematically as customers’ standards or we will use our own standard. After completing the model and doing clash-check. One more time, we can provide our clients the accurate material list as well as Ponest or Autonest software to optimize the cutting plan. It gives our customers the ultimate financial advantages when using the industry's leading softwares.



Phase 4: Extract 2D shop drawings and perform changing if needed.

Steel detailing and modelingProducing 2D shop drawings is an important part and it takes the most time of the project. In order for the factory to be able to process accurately and quickly, the detailers must produce the drawings with sufficient information as well as easy to understand and look.

Besides, we must predict the changes of basic drawings from the owner and designer. This will lead to certain changes in the model and drawings as well. However, by using of Tekla software together with the experience of many previous projects, we can certainly solve all problems that arise throughout cycle-life of the project.

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