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About us

BIM Solutions Vietnam is the leading BIM services provider in Viet Nam. We are serving clients on many countries as USA, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China and Viet Nam.

Set up to serve the retail, homebuilder, architectural, engineering and construction sectors with high-quality 2D and 3D solutions. We have expertise and experience team of drafters, engineers and architects, so we can serve you with excellent 3D BIM services for any projects that you have. Our exceptional skills are matched by our experience and technology to speed up your product development process through 3D modeling.

Also our certified drafters and engineers are well trained in documentations, and have been successfully serving clients for many years.

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Established by a group of BIM Experts, experience, youth and passionate. We have been quickly to be one of the leading BIM Provider in Viet Nam through number of the projects we have done and the countries we have served.


Experience is gained by the number and type of projects we have done:
– The project have done: 1000+
– The project types: Airports, Stations, Office buildings, mega malls, retail centers, roads, Railway…


Our core value is to provide our customers the best services or products. We always put the quality of our services or products and our clients’ benefits above anything else.


Our unique operational structure together with our expertise ensure efficient production methods and cost effective pricing plans are passed on to our customers.