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About Us

BIM Solutions Viet Nam is the leading provider of CAD and CAM services, located in Phu Nhuan Dist, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. We provide preconstruction planning, building information modeling (known as BIM commonly) and 3D modeling solutions as well as 2D shop drawings services for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

We focus on providing construction documentations that is tested in a virtual environment. We deliver this through BIM modeling and 3D modeling, testing the virtual model for costly conflicts and exposing them in the model – not on shop floor or on site. Therefore, giving our clients numerous advantages including time saving and cost cutting.

With the professionalism, experience and expertise, we are confident to add more value to your organization by meeting your quality, deadline as well as your budget.

BIM Solutions Viet Nam

Why Choose Us


Our core value is to provide our customers the best services or products. We always put the quality of our services or products and our clients’ benefits above anything else.


Our unique operational structure together with our expertise and experience help us ensure efficient production methods and cost effective pricing plans are passed on to our customers.


Experience is gained by the number and type of projects we have done: The project have done 1000+, The project types: Airports, Stations, Office buildings, mega malls, retail ...


Established by a group of BIM Experts, experience, youth and passionate. We have been quickly to be one of the leading BIM Provider in Viet Nam through out number of the projects...

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